Thank you for trust and for choosing to learn Microblading technique from us.

It is extremely important for us to teach you with information that will allow you to establish your expectations from Microblading in this course. Microblading is a skill witch cannot be learn in a few days. Acquiring and improving skill requires a great deal of time and hard work.

In this course, you will learn the following:

• Microblading Consultation

• Proper Hygiene

• To determinate which client can undergo treatment based on their state of health and aesthetic

• How to draw the shape of an eyebrow

• How to draw shape on a live model

• How to form symmetry using the golden intersection 1.618

• Aftercare

• How to use the EWB pigments

• How use EWB tools and equipment

Students that decide to use this technique professionally have the chance to improve in this business by becoming EWB Microblading artist and later a EWB Microblading Master.